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Lord Lonsdale Box Cup 2018
History is in the Making.
Time has now come for Amateur Boxers age 10 to Seniors to Box and compete in the Lord Lonsdale Box Cup.
The current Lord Lonsdale who lives in Towcett, Penrith, the Lake District has said to go ahead and Box.
This event will be held over 3 days and will see Boxers from all over the UK and Europe flock in to compete to become the Lord Lonsdale Box Cup champion in their weight category, Champions will have to return the following year in April 2019 to Defend and win there category outright within a 7kg increase in weight difference.
It doesn’t end there, coming back in 2019 to win the Lord Lonsdale Box Cup outright means a mandatory defence of this, again in May 2020, and so we continue with the UKs most spectacular BOX CUP event in history.
We will see boxers continuing to develop and flourish at this annual Box Cup event taking place in Cumbria.
Teams will need to register individually and try and bring with them at least 1 official who will be allocated to duties under the England Boxing rules – please email Alvin Finch directly if you wish for an official to be allocated here

There will be no charge for Any Judge or referee attending – fees will apply to coaches.

All Rules will fall under England Boxing for this event.

Jablinked undertake all entries and are professionals within there field for handling both Uk and Internationally recognised Box Cup Events , they display the draw and running order on Thursday 18th April AFTER Weigh in Closes.

This will be published on all Social media sites by them along within the Venue for all Coaches to see where and when there Boxers will be competing.

Boxers must make weight entered into as there will no allowance in category
Boxers MUST win – Quarter – Semis and Finals to hold the Lord Lonsdale Box Cup 2018 tittle.
Coaches MUST complete all Boxers details and selected weigh category for entry to the Lord Lonsdale Box Cup once there tickets have been purchased
All Coaches and Officials MUST have valid CRB ID Lanyards

Box Cup Running Order:

Thursday 18th April – from 5.00pm untill 9.45pm all Boxers will Weigh in  and have medical approval.

Thursday 18th April / Following the weigh in the MTK Lord Lonsdale Box Cup draw and running order will be produced.

Friday 19th April – 21st April – Boxing commences

Lord Lonsdale Box cup Presentations 2019 will be held after the Finals on Sunday 21st April 2019

We hope you are as excited as we are and look forward in welcoming you from all corners of the Globe April 18th to 21st 2019.

Good Luck to all Boxers taking part
Kind regards
Lord Lonsdale Box Cup  team.