Jablinked Reopen certain weights and categories.


Jablinked have now Reopened certain weights and categories for the 3 day MTK Lord Lonsdale Box Cup 2019 on a 1st come 1st served basis.

From an unprecedented amount of Boxers entries in only 3 days for the Annual MTK Lord Lonsdale Box Cup which will see some 600 Boxers taking part over the 3 days 19th to 21st April , including the Champions from 2018 returning to defend their Title.

Jablinked have confirmed the following weights and categories are now available to enter in.

Please click in to the registration page

MTK Lord Lonsdale Box Cup 2019 if you have Boxers for the following weights and categories.


Female 2008 C 38kg

Female 2007 C 48kg

Female 2006 C 36kg 42kg 46kg 50kg 52kg

Female 2006 A 42kg

Female 2005 C 52kg 56kg

Female 2004 C 42kg 54kg

Female 2004 B 50kg 52kg 54kg

Female 2003 C 52kg 54kg 57kg 60kg

Female 2003 B 52kg

Female Youth C 57kg 64kg

Female Youth A 51kg

Female Senior C75kg

Female Senior B51kg

Female Senior A64kg


Male 2008 C 28kg 30kg 34kg 38kg 44kg

Male 2007 C 28kg 44kg 46kg 50kg 52kg

Male 2006 C 28kg 30kg 50kg 60kg 62kg

Male 2006 B 38kg 44kg

Male 2005 C 46kg 52kg 66kg

Male 2005 B 40kg 42kg 50kg 54kg 58kg

Male 2005 A 36kg 42kg 46kg 48kg 56kg

Male 2004 C 32kg 36kg 38kg 42kg 46kg 66kg 75kg

Male 2004 B 38kg 52kg 54kg 56kg 59kg

Male 2004 A 38kg 50kg 56kg 63kg

Male 2003 C 36kg 50kg 52kg 54kg 75kg

Male 2003 B 40kg 48kg 52kg 54kg 57kg 66kg

Male 2003 A 44kg 50kg 52kg 54kg 75kg

Male Youth C 44kg 81kg

Male Youth B 49kg

Male Youth A 49kg 52kg 57kg

Male Senior C 49kg 52kg 91+kg

Male Senior B 49kg 81kg

Male Senior A 91kg

Females :

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